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About Us

Higher Ground

Higher Ground exists to transform lives by providing adventure-based experiences that honor Jesus Christ

Nathan & Tanya Hicks
We're normal folks just like you with kids, a dog, a mortgage, and a dream. We founded Higher Ground in 2007 out of a commitment to transformation, a love of adventure, and a desire to meet needs. An army of people work hard to carry out the mission, including the best field instructors you'll ever meet. Starting, running, and growing Higher Ground has proven to be a great adventure itself. We're grateful for the opportunity to work everyday at something we're passionate about.

We're big fans of adventure…even the adventure that turns out to be kind of grueling while you're in the thick of it. For us, adventure has consistently been a catalyst for growth, a place for reflection, and a vehicle through which we know the Creator. Adventure has a lot to offer for those who'll listen.

Growth…Change…Development…Transformation…call it whatever you want, it's what we do. Adventure is actually the means…Transformation is the end. We'll help you learn through your adventure then equip you to transfer insights back home. We appreciate the opportunity share these types of experiences with you…to help you listen…and to be a part of your growth.

The Participant Experience

Higher Ground encouraged our girls to confront their fears and overcome challenges.

Teacher, Girls Preparatory School