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Simple Adventure
Higher Ground makes adventure simple. Whether you want a turnkey adventure or want us to add some adventure to your event, we make it easy. All you have to do is put together a group, and we'll handle the rest. We'll guide you through the process of choosing activities and a location, then we'll take care of all the planning and logistics. When program time rolls around, our experienced instructors will meet you with all the gear needed for an incredible experience.

Higher Ground runs programs at various locations throughout the Southeastern United States. We work with you to determine the ideal location for your adventure based on things like group size, activities, travel time, and group preference. Multi-day adventures can be run out of a retreat setting (cabins, lodges, etc), a base camp (campground), or may remain entirely in the backcountry (backpacking).
If you're interested in taking your adventure outside of the Southeast, we can work with you to develop programs in other locations both nationally and internationally, too.

Higher Ground offers a number of activities from which to choose. We'll help you select the best activities based on the specifics of your group. We work with groups of all experience levels, provide the appropriate amount of instructions for each, and furnish all the gear and equipment you need.

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Backpacking Back Packing
Challenge Course

The Participant Experience

Experiences with Higher Ground have challenged and encouraged our teenagers to get out of their comfort zone and follow Christ in radical discipleship.

Brad Gowing
Dawson Memorial Baptist Church